The Reclining Buddha

Found in the Wat Pho temple in Thailand, this humongous Buddha is 15 m high and 43 m long.

QUICK TIP: Wearing sleeveless tops and shorty shorts or skirts is not allowed inside the temple. One option that you have is to wear the cover-up they will provide you, but if you’re a bit squeamish in wearing an article of clothing worn by other people, then you should just follow the temple’s guidelines.


Happy New Year!

If there is a single certainty in my topsy-turvy life, it definitely is my want to see the world! This goal of mine started years back, during my first visit to a foreign country. I love the feeling of exploring, getting to know the culture and way of life, the yummy finds, the breathtaking sites to see. I just freakin’ love traveling!!!

So, as this New Year starts, I’m toasting to all of us… That we may all see and experience much more of the beauty of the world! Kampai to globe-troting this 2015!